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Buying pigeons / bidding on a pigeon or other product
If you want to buy a pigeon the only cost you will have if you are the lucky winner of the auction you will be to pay the seller for the winning lot.

Selling a pigeon or product
If you would like  to sell a pigeon you can advertise your birds on COMPARE THE PIGEON - contact John Burgham or John Wheatcroft

***   GRAHAM CLIFT of TIRLEY GLOS      ***

Starts 3.00pm Thursday 10th October and runs for 10 days, 25 Superb lots direct from the stock loft or from the lofts winners, Includes 3 direct children of 1st International winners(sex of Yb's believed correct but not guaranteed), YB's from some of the lofts top performers

LOTS inc:

Lots 3 & 18 - Direct Dtr 34th Open NFC Saintes 3,302 birds

Lots 4 & 5 - Direct children from Winner 25th open WOESRC Fougeres 1,391 birds, 26th open NFC Sigogne 2,531 birds

Lot 7 - 'Inbred Melissa' Direct dtr 'Southfield Melissa' 1st open International Bordeaux 11,444 Birds.

Lot 8 - 'Dtr MelissaDirect dtr 'Southfield Melissa' 1st open International Bordeaux 11,444 Birds.

Lot 8A - Direct son 'Forest Junior' 1st International Pau 

Lot 9 - G.son of the Immortal 'Tuff Nut' 1st Section 5th Open NFC Pau.

Lot 12 - Dtr Top performer, 11th Open NFC Cholet 3,659 birds etc

Lot 14 - Direct son 15th open NFC Fougeres 6,678 birds 2019. 

Lot 17 - Son 2nd Open WOESRC Lyndhurst 3,403 birds

Lots 19 & 20 - Absolute cream of Mark Gilbert 

 For further information contact John Burgham on 01495 240227 or email

Have fun and sell and buy your pigeons at your leisure.

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