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             ***   STARTING THURSDAY 3rd DEC    ***

***     Top Quality 500-600 winning bloodlines from    ***

    ***   Mark Sparey (Abertillery) "The Welsh Tarbes Man" *** 

These pigeons are winning for fanciers all over the UK and John Hadfield (Scotland) was 2nd open Scottish National 2020 with Mark's blood. 

Lot 1 - Direct Mark Gilbert and own SonSOUTHFIELD DREAM1st Sect 2nd Open NFC Tarbes 3,290 birds

Lots 2 & 3 Direct from ‘RHIW PARC EVAN’ 442nd Open NFC Ancenis 5,514 birds, 173rd Open NFC Cholet 3,659 birds, 122nd Open NFC Tarbes 2,285 birds, 30th Open NFC Tarbes 1,952 Birds 2019, 299th Open NFC Pau 2020

Lots 4 & 5 Direct from ‘RHIW PARC LIAM’ 3rd Sect 25th Open NFC Tarbes 2019, 187th Open NFC Pau 2020

Lots 6 & 7 Direct from ‘RHIW PARC RELIABLE’ 21st Open NFC Tarbes 2019 and half brother to ‘RHIW PARC RELENTLESS’ 48th, 80th & 151st Open NFC Tarbes

Lot 8 Direct from ‘RHIW PARC TOMOS’ 2nd & 3rd Sect BICC Agen once on day 14hrs/550 miles on day, 4th & 8th Open WSRNFC Tarbes plus a whole host of other top prizes

Lots 9, 10 & 11 Direct from  ‘RHIW PARC RELENTLESS 1st, 3rd & 10th Open WSRNFC Tarbes, 6th, 17th & 20th  Sect G 48th, 80th & 151st Open NFC Tarbes

Lot 12 Direct from 1st Open WSRNFC Bergerac, 5th Open WSRNFC Tarbes 104th Open NFC Tarbes

Lot 13 Direct from ’RHIW PARC BOBBY’ multiple prizewinner with the NFC inc 1st Sect W 17th Open NFC Tarbes 2,689 birds winner of WSRNFC Gold Cup (put to stock last year and already bred 1st Club 4th Fed)

Lots 14, 15, 16 & 17 Direct from HET ROOITJE’ 7th Open International Narbonne, 15th Open International Pau Direct Jan Schreurs

Lot 18 Grizzle Hen ‘SILK YOUNG RIDGEWAY GIRL’ Dam & G.Dam of winners, dam of 4th open WSRNFC Poitiers 2020, dam of lots 9 & 10.

Lot 25 Cheq Cock half brother toRHIW PARC TOMOS& RHIW PARC BOBBY’, also half brother to 1st Open WSRNFC Bergerac, free with this cock is his full sister who is a slow layer   

For further information or bids contact John Burgham 07739089208

 Have fun and sell and buy your pigeons at your leisure.

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